Polarization Rotators

 Polarization roators offer 45deg or 90deg rotation at a number of common laser wavelength, the optical axis in a polarization rotator is perpendicular to the polished face of the optic. The result is that the orientation of in put linearly polarized light is rotated as it propagates through the device.


Material: ----------------Optical Grade Crystal Quartz 
Dimension tolerance: ----------------+0.0, -0.2mm 
Wavefront distortion: ----------------< l /4 @ 633nm 
Wavelength range:-------------------------------- 440-1600nm 
Retardation accuracy: ----------------<5 arc minutes 
Surface quality: ----------------20-10 
Clear aperture:-------------------------------- Central 90% 
AR coating: ----------------R<0.2% @ central wavelength 
Rotation orientation:---------------- counter-clockwise


Standard wavelength: 532nm, 632.8nm, 1064nm: 
Rotator P/N# Diameter (mm) Rotation (Deg)
WPR4512 12.7 45
WPR4515 15 45
WPR4520 20 45
WPR4525 25.4 45
WPR9012 12.7 90
WPR9015 15 90
WPR9020 20 90
WPR9025 25.4 90
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