Leader's Speech



I hope the Foctek company is a advanced culture, people-oriented company: in this company, can be inclusive, all rivers run into sea, employees can speak freely in this company, there is a sense of security, can be placed; can work together; let each person do his best, able to do it before, can use; penalties and rewards, justice, staff to grow together with the company, to realize the value of sharing.


I hope the Foctek company is a company keep step with no noise. In this company, there is no noise, no conflict, between employees, leaders, employees and leaders, only friendship, no hostility, can do small things, style, big deal, principles. Business layer of the shareholders' meeting, the resolutions of the board of directors can hundred-percent in company management team to implement; dare to bear when, complete the development objectives and tasks: good employees, shareholders and the society to produce a satisfactory answer.

I hope the Foctek company is a thinking, a sense of direction of the company. In this company, there is a good business model, has its own products and intellectual property rights, the industry's situation at hand, grasp the opportunities for development, to seize the opportunity to walk in front of the industry.

I hope the Foctek company is a good growth, the value of the investment company. In this company, the enterprise management personnel and technical backbone of leadership is complete, a large number of hard-working, business skills, the courage to dare to take the contribution, when the middle management and the backbone of the grass-roots staff, efficient operation, can make the price lower than others, good quality products than others. This enterprise development goal is clear, the space is huge, can give the investor (shareholder) to bring the endless flow repayment.

--Huang Hengbiao, Chairman Of The Message



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