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Foctek was founded in 2002, the existing staff of more than 1,300 people, is committed to precision optical components and precision optical lens research and development and production. The company now has 17,500 square meters of modern office plant, built a spherical, flat, rearview mirror, crystal, optical lens and other five precision optical products production line and 2000 square meters ultra-clean coating center, test center and thousands of ultra-clean lens assembly workshop The 2012 Foctek invested 300 million yuan in Fujian Sanming Ninghua to establish lens and lens production base, and was put into operation in May 2014, can achieve a monthly production of 5 million lenses, more than 800,000 lenses. Ford Electronics has been listed on October 21, 2015 officially listed on the new three board, stock code: 833682..


The company's main products are precision optical components, high power laser optics, artificial crystal components, precision optical system, laser radar optical system, car rear view mirror blind area elimination efficiency products, widely used in precision instruments, semiconductor manufacturing, micro measurement system, building surveying and mapping, medical equipment, laser equipment, new car military equipment, etc.. 90% of the products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Israel and other developed countries and regions, and the world famous enterprises TRUMPF of Germany, America, Magna ABB electrician, British Edinburgh, Japan TOPCON to establish long-term good relations of cooperation.

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