By using the special fabricating method,CNC grinding, CNC polishing and CNC Profiling machines, Foctek offers the custom-made special shape optics. Lenses, Prism, Windows, etc. any Optical Components can be made at sepcial profile according your requirement

Attribute Specification
Material All kinds of high quality optical glass, N-BK7, Fused  Silica. etc.
Dimension Tolerance (mm) ±0.15 (General), ±0.05 (High Precision)
Center Deviation (arc seconds) ±1 (General), ±5 (High Precision)
Angle Tolerance ±0.2 deg. (General), ±10 arc sec. (High Precision)
Surface Quality 60/40 (General), 20/10 (High Precision)
N For Flat Surface 1 (General), 0.2 (High Precision)
For Spheric Surface 8 (General), 2 (High Precision)
△N For Flat Surface 0.5 (General), 0.1 (High Precison)
For Spheric Surface 2 (General), 0.5 (High Precison)

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