FOCtek offers dielectric coated mirrors and metal coated mirrors which are made of substrate such as Bk7, K9, Fused Silica, CaF2, Sapphire and so on.

 **Coating Curve of Metal Reflection Coating please refer to Part 4 Coating of our Catalog

Attribute Specification
Material BK7, K9, Fused Silica, etc.
Typical Diameter (Фmm) 10.0, 12.7, 15.0, 20.0, 25.4, 30.0, 50.8, etc.
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +0.0/-0.2 (General), +0.0/-0.02 (High Precision)
Typical Thickness (mm) 2.0, 3.0, 6.0, 6.35
Thickness Tolerance (mm) ±0.2 (General), ±0.005 (High Precision)
Clear Aperture >80% (Small Size), >95% (Large Size)
Flatness (per 25mm@633nm) λ (General), λ/10 (High Precision)
Incidence Angle 0or 450
Surface Quality 60/40 (General), 10/5 (High Precision)
Parallelism 3 min. (General), 3 sec. (High Precision)
Bevel (face width x 450) <0.25mm
Coating Dielectric coated AR, HR, PR or metal coated Al, Ag, Au etc.

Note for Mirror:
(1). Other optical glass or optical crystals of Mirrors are available.
(2). Custom-made Mirrors at any size from diameter 2mm to diameter 300mm and with shape of quadrate,
triangular or other polygonal are available upon request.
(3). Thickness from 1mm to 20mm are available upon request.
(4). Typical surface quality is 60/40, better precision such as 40/20,10/5 is available upon request.


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