Achromatic lenses are very common type of viewer lenses, they consist of two or more lense elements,which

have been corrected for chromatic aberration with respect to two selected wavelengths, The elements must
be fixed in relation to one another by either mounting or cement.
Achromatic Lenses are designed to specifically function within the infrared, visible, or ultra-violet wavelength
 ranges, and they are not symmetric devices. They must be installed with the correct front-to-back orientation
 (thicker element usually faces the eyes). If installed incorrectly, with the lens orientation installed backwards
 the result will be extensive distortion and aberration.

 Design Wavelength:-----------------------------upon request                                                                                                                                      

Diameter Tolerance(mm): +0.0/-0.2 (General),+0.0/-0.2(High Precision)
Paraxial Focal Length Tolerance:-----------------------------------±2% 
Centration: ---------------------------------------------------------------<3 arc minutes 
Clear Aperture: --------------------------------------------------------->80%(small size) ,>95%(large size)
Surface Figure(per 25mm @ 632.8nm):-------------------------------------------<1.5λ, (General), <λ/4 (High Precision)
 Irregularity ( @ 632.8nm)----------------------------------------------------------<λ/4 (General), <λ/10 (High Precision)
Surface Quality: --------------------------------------------------------60/40 (General), 10/5 (High Precision) 
Bevel:----------------------------------------------------------------------< 0.25 mm x 45° 
Coating:------------------------------------------------------------------ upon request 


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