Unlike standard waveplates, Achromatic Waveplates, AWP, provide a constant phase shift independent of the wavelength of light that is used.This wavelength independence is achieved by using two different crystalline materials to yield quarter- or half-wave retardation over a broad spectral range.The Retardation tolerance of our AWPs is better than λ/100 over the entire wavelength range.The flat response of an AWP is ideal for use with tunable lasers,multiple laser-line systems and other broad spectrum sources.


Wavelength Ranges:450~680nm,700~1000nm,950~1300nm,1200~1650nm
Quarter Waveplates P/N # Half Waveplates Mounter Clear Thickness
P/N # Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm) (mm)
AWP 210Q AWP 210H 25.4 10 8
AWP 212Q AWP 212H 25.4 12.7 8
AWP 215Q AWP 215H 25.4 15 8
AWP 220Q AWP 220H 30 20 8
AWP 225Q AWP 225H 30 23.5 8
Achromatic Waveplate Curves



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