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Wonderful review of the 22nd CIOE


  FOCtek——A wonderful review of the 22nd Optical Expo

         In September of the golden autumn, the harvest season, the 22nd China Optical Expo is on schedule and reloaded; photoelectric companies from all over the world and photoelectric people from all over the world are here as scheduled to share the event. Deeply cultivated in the industry for 22 years, gathering superior resources in the optoelectronics industry, China International Optoelectronics Expo six exhibitions in the same period cover information and communications, data centers, lasers, infrared, precision optics, lenses and modules, machine vision, photoelectric sensing and other sections, oriented to optical communications/ Information processing and storage, consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, national defense and security, semiconductor processing, energy, sensing and test measurement, lighting display, medical and other nine application fields.

During the three-day period,FOCtek welcomed new and old friends with a new look with precision optical components and high-definition optical lenses at Booth 7A47 in Hall 7 of Baoan New Hall. Everyone talked about core products, key technologies, cutting-edge hot spots, Consultation, discussion, exchange and sharing of industry trends and so on.  

        During the exhibition, Ms. Guo Shaoqin, general manager, accepted an exclusive interview from the organizer and introduced the business content and superior products of FOCtek photonics Inc. FOCtek brings industry-acclaimed micro-optics, automotive optics, medical optics, machine vision lenses, ITS lenses, security lenses and other products, as well as new products such as aspheric optics, large zoom lenses, black light lenses and infrared lens series.

l  Aspheric lens-a perfect replacement for spherical lenses: FOCtek can process aspheric lenses with a diameter of 5~200mm, the surface error is less than 0.5μm, the RMS is less than 0.05μm, and it has the characteristics of high surface accuracy and good finish.

l  Large zoom lens: High-magnification zoom lens independently developed by FOCtek, with low distortion, fog penetration, and ultra-long focal length up to 750mm. It is suitable for long-distance day and night monitoring scenes such as border defense, forest fires, railways, ports, airports, etc. It can be seen farther and more clearly in haze weather.

l  Black light lens-let the night no longer be overshadowed. The black light lens independently developed by FOCtek is equipped with a prism module. By changing the light path through the beam splitter prism module, color photos can be taken under low illumination conditions. It has the characteristics of day and night confocal, large aperture and high resolution.


       General Manager Ms. Shaoqin Guo also received the Best Support Award for the 2020 "Common Anti-epidemic" issued by Sunny optlcal technology (Group) Co. Ltd, which not only reflects the quality of FOCtek's products, but also affirms FOCtek's contribution to epidemic prevention and control.

        The 22nd Optical Expo ended successfully. For the 23rd Optical Expo, Foteco will meet you bye.

         FOCtek, your one-stop optical solution provider.

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