Broad Band Polarization Beam Combiner

Broad Band Polarization Beam Combiner

The Polarization Beam Combiner is made of two pcs YVO4 Prism or Calcite Prism. The Calcite Polarization combiner can be with 45° or 90° of two polarization Beam Input. Please refer to Glan Thompson Beamsplitter Cube (Page 12), The Glan Thomposn Beamsplitter made of calcite can also wark as polarization Beam combiner. But since it is glue cemented, the damage threshold is lower. While we specially design the air spaced Polarization Beam combiner, which is made of YVO4. The Angle between two input polarization beam is 100.6 deg. All the input & output surfacces are optical polished and coated.


  •    Air Spaced
  •    High Damaged threshold
  •    Broad Band for 500-5000 nm

Material: YVO4
Wavelength Range: 400-5000 nm
Surface quality: 40/20  
Beam Deviation: < 3 arc minutes
Wavefornt Distortion: l/4@633nm
Damage Threshold: >500 MW/cm2 (CW)
Coating: Single Layer MgF2
Mount: Black Anodized Aluminium

Standard Products

Part No. Wavelength Range (nm) C.A. fa (mm) W±0.1(mm) H±0.1(mm) L±0.1(mm)
PBC8006 400-5000(Single Layer MgF2) (Coating@1550nm) 5 15 15 15
PBC8008 7 15 20 18
PBC8010 9 20 25 22
PBC8012 11.4 20 30 25
PBC8015 13.5 25 35 30

Note:Price list is for quantity <=5pcs .

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