Beamsplitter Cube

Beamsplitter Cube

Cube beamsplitters are constructed by cementing two precision right angle prism together with appropriate interference coating on the hypotenuse surface. The absorption loss to the coating is minimal transmission and reflection approach 50% (average) though output is partially polarized. If polarization sensitivity is critical to your online_ordering, we recommended that you select from our Polarization Cube Beamsplitter or Non-polarization Cube Beamsplitter.


Material:--------------- N-BK7 or H-K9L grade A optical glass
Dimension Tolerance: -----------------------±0.2mm
Flatness:---------------------------------λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch and dig
T/R: -------------50/50±5%, for random polarization 
       --------------------------T=(Ts+Tp)/2, R=(Rs+Rp)/2
Beam Deviation:------------------------ <3 arc minutes
Hypotenuse face:--------------------Partial reflection coating
All input and output faces:------------------Anti reflection coating
Standard Coating wavelength:
Narrow Band: -----488, 532, 632.8, 650, 808, 850, 980, 1064, 1310, 1550 nm
Broadband:----------- 450-650, 650-900, 900-1200, 1200-1550, 1500-1610 nm

Standard Size:

Size(mm) Narrow Band Broadband
Part No. Part No.
3.2x3.2x3.2 BSC1101 BSC1201
5x5x5 BSC1102 BSC1202
10x10x10 BSC1103 BSC1203
12.7x12.7x12.7 BSC1104 BSC1204
15x15x15 BSC1105 BSC1205
20x20x20 BSC1106 BSC1206
25.4x25.4x25.4 BSC1107 BSC1207

Ordering Information:

Part No. - Wavelength
For example, BSC1203 -1500-1610nm
Beamsplitter Cube 10X10X10mm, 1500-1610 nm broadband coating

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