2/30/2008 FOCtek formally begins the construction of new factory


FOCtek formally begins the construction of new factory


December 28th, 2008 is FOCtek’s landmark day in her developing history.This day, Our second new factory located in Minhou Tieling Industrial Zone started its construction. Mr. Zhang, deputy magistrate of Minhou County, Management Committee's leadership of Tieling Industrial District, all the shareholders of FOCtek, managers, staff representatives attended the ceremony.



Scene one:

Along with the festive sound of firecrackers, FOCtek’s new factory began its construction. Everyone’s face was full of smile, looking forward to the near future, FOCtek would create new wonder in this area where a number of factories will be set up.


Scene two:

Reporter from Propaganda Department of Minhou County Party Committee made an interview with President Huang and conveyed the high expectations from County Party and County Government to FOCtek who will play an important part in this area economy in the near future.




Scene three:
Mr. Zhang, industrial zone leadership and board chairman, general manager, staff representatives held a meeting to discuss the development plans for industrial zone, Mr. Zhang said that the government warmly welcome enterprises such as FOCtek who pursues scientific and technological innovation locate in the industrial zone, he also gave high praise to FOCtek young entrepreneurs.

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