11/20/2008 FOCtek celebrated for the anniversary of the founding of 7 years!


FOCtek celebrated for the anniversary of the founding of 7 years!

   On 22th, Nov., It seemed the sunshine especially effulgent when it blazed Foctek's faces, because this day,Foctek came to her seven-year's birthday. We all dressed up bringing together with respective family and celebrated our own holiday in good scenery LiYuan Holiday Village.


Scene One, Celebration Convention

The long-awaited celebration narrowed the gap between staff, we got together, looked back the sweets and bitters of seven-year's endeavor, Foctek people strove all the way with wind and rain, with rough and wonderful. In the celebration meeting, the board chairman and general manager gave confidence to Foctek people who were also influenced by the economy crisis. In this unusual winter, we are still self-confident and get more stronger. 

Scene two, Tug-of-war

Tug-of-war is one traditional movement in the company celebration, as the enterprise spirit saying "unite, endeavor", everyone could feel the sensation during the activities.

Scene three, Physical activities

Foctek people who do job selflessly acted the same fineness in the activities. There came forth a number of excellent athletes in every year activities such as basketball, bowling, pingpong, badminton, billiards and so on. We all marveled that Foctek people's potential.

 Scene four, Evening feast

Foctek people with respective family members got together, had delicious dinner. The mooncake gambling was exciting during dinner. A hill of awards made everyone itch to try, first, second, third place occured one after one. Hurrah brougt the feast to a climax in fits and starts, when the girl who came from c-lens department flung the best number, she certainly became the first winner in the whole activities, and she finally got the enviable award from the board chairman.